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        Audio equipment at Studio Patchwork of Flagstaff AZ

Studio Patchwork Equipment:

  • Macintosh Tower System
  • Digital Performer 6
  • Reason 4
  • Yamaha 01X
  • Event TR8 Tuned Reference Biamplified Active Speakers
  • Keystation Pro 88
  • Triton Rack mount Keyboard
  • Reason keyboards
  • Numerous Microphones

Studio Patchwork uses a dual core 2.3 Mac G5 with 3.5 gigs of ram to run Digital Performer 6 in conjunction with Reason 4 and a huge library of Audio Plug-ins as its primary workstation. The audio is input via Yamaha 01X. The 01X combines a computer audio interface, a fully automated, moving-fader digital mixer, two MIDI interface ports and a DAW hardware control surface. The Event TR8 Tuned Reference Biamplified Active Speakers are used to monitor the mix. The list of Microphone includes: Audio Technica 40/40, MXL 990, Audio Technica 20/20, and the Blue Kickball Dynamic Mic among others. For supplementing tracks Studio Patchwork uses a Keystation Pro 88 to operate Reason keyboards and a Triton Rack mount Keyboard.

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