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Artist Testimonials:

  "Recording my 3 song EP in Ben's studio was such a creative and fun experience. He has great ideas for fresh sounding production and offered a variety of skills on multiple instruments, which helped make the process a lot faster. The studio was relaxed and a welcoming place in general. Plus, the final mixes sounded great!"
~Kristen Cook
"Working at Patchwork isn't just about professionally recording my music. It's about the invaluable dynamic of working with a talented producer/engineer that understands what makes music special. It's that creative energy that helps me achieve a product that I never would have accomplished on my own."   
~Ben Cornelius


"Ben Lippard of Studio Patchwork is profoundly creative. His abilities as an engineer and a musician have been very "instrumental" throughout the two albums I have recorded. It has been a pleasure working with Ben, he is very personable and would be an asset to any musical project."    
~Joni Armel
"Working with Ben is always a pleasure. He is very professional and his production style is unique. I love the spin that he has put on my music."
~Brian Benham
  "I have a pretty high standard when it comes to recording expectations, so I was bit hesitant using someone local. Not only did Studio Patchwork exceed my expectations, I have since recorded 3 more albums since the first. Every time it gets better!"
~D. Preston
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